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X-Tracer E-Tracer
X-Tracer: Winner in the Alternative vehicles with tandem (fore and aft) seating class

Team Name: X-Tracer
Location: Uster, Switzerland

Who are they? The Monotracer is an enclosed motorcycle that is sold in Europe and recently became available in the United States. Team principal Roger Riedener says the company has sold 130 Monotacers powered by a 1200 cc BMW motorcycle engine. The e-Tracer is an electric conversion of that car. It has a full-monocoque composite chassis with retractable outriggers that keep the vehicle upright at low speeds and when parked. It seats two in-line. The Monotracer sells for about 53,000 Euros, or about $85,000 at current exchange rates. The electric version is even more expensive.

What they say will set them apart: Like a few other teams converting current vehicles, the electric version is already on sale. Having only two wheels will give it a performance advantage, the team says. Even when folded, the outriggers may contact the ground in hard turns, improving traction and stability compared with a motorcycle. The team has two vehicles entered in the competition, one with more power than the other.

Vehicle: E-Tracer
Class: Alternative
No. of wheels: Two
Passengers: Two in-line
Drive type: Battery electric, rear-wheel-drive
Power source: 20 kwh lithium-ion batteries, 90-kw or 130-kw electric motor (two vehicles.)

For more information, see the X-Tracer team page on the X Prize website.

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