Consumer Reports covered the Automotive X Prize competition
Team name: TW4XP, which stands for ThreeWheeler for X Prize
Location: Germany
Vehicle name: Project TW4XP

Who are they? Team TW4XP is lead by leader Matin Moscheid and consists of engineers, students from the University of Kassel as well as business people. The car is a larger interpretation of the company's two-passenger 50/50 vehicle that includes pedals to allow for human-supplied power. Being larger, the TW4XP can better address the Automotive X Prize requirements for crash protection and speed.

The TW4XP is a pure electric, with 700 volts and relatively low amperage to aid efficiency. The Sony-sourced batteries are lithium magnanese and are similar to those found in power tools, giving them a longer-than-typical cycle lifespan.

Field notes: The company has spent $750,000 to develop this distintictive entry, with real production intent. As Moscheid says, "You have to be unusual to find your market." Mission accomplished. This urban space buggy definitely stands out. The concept is to create a vehicle for commuting to a city. TW4XP readily admits that selling to city dwellars is tough due to overnight parking costs and limited access to electric chargers.

Class: Alternative
No. of wheels: Three
Passengers: Two
Drive type: Battery electric

For more information, see the TW4XP team page on the X Prize website.

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