Consumer Reports covered the Automotive X Prize competition
Team FourSight FourSight
Team Name: Team FourSight
Location: Madison, Wisc.; Morgantown, W. Va.
Status: Eliminated.

Who are they? Diverse group of folks with automotive interests, including a mechanical engineering professor who teaches vehicle design courses, several of his former students (now graduated) who have an electrical engineering focus, and a mechanic and racer who owns his own repair shop and did most of the construction on both of the team's cars.

What they say will set them apart: For this team, it's all about the cars. One, the Alternative-class TwinSight, was a lightweight, two-seat electric. The other was a more practical and efficient conversion of the most efficient vehicle Consumer Reports has ever tested, the first-generation Honda Insight. The TwinSight was based on a French low-speed light-delivery truck chassis, with an aerodynamic fiberglass race-car body.

The Mainstream-class FourSight was a two-door Honda Insight with two additional rear seats hollowed out from the interior, with a battery electric drivetrain driving the front wheels, and a 750-cc, three-cylinder diesel engine from a Smart car powering the rear wheels, making it four-wheel-drive. At one point, they spelled the Alternative car the 2WinSight. Neither car made it into the final competition.

Vehicle: FourSight/TwinSight
Class: Mainstream/Alternative
No. of wheels: Four/Four
Passengers: Four/Two
Drive type: Diesel-electric hybrid, four-wheel-drive/Battery electric, rear-wheel-drive

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