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Raceabout Association Raceabout
Team Name: Raceabout Association
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Car name: Electric Raceabout

Who are they? Raceabout is a collection of about 10 current students from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki lead by two teachers. Inspired by the X Prize contest, they've been building their car, also called Raceabout, for three years.

The students designed the entire car, from suspension to the carbon-fiber bodywork.

What they say will set them apart: The electric Raceabout is a hand-built, two-seat sports car, with a 32-kwh lithium-titanate battery pack and four electric motors good for 268 continuous hp and 496 hp for 10 seconds. It is all-wheel-drive, with each motor driving one wheel. Recharge time is about 5.5-6 hours.

Class: Alternative
No. of wheels: Four
Passengers: Two
Drive type: Battery electric, all-wheel-drive
Power source: 32 kwh lithium-ion batteries
Charging: Fast-charging is available, that will charge the car to 80 percent capacity in 10 minutes on a 250 kw supply.

For more information, see the Raceabout Association team page on the X Prize website.

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