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BITW Technologies Vincitore 1000
Team name: BITW Technologies
Location: Palmyra, Indiana
Car name: Vincitore 1000
Status: Eliminated. Failure to meet minimum fuel economy requirement.

Who are they? A group of Midwest engineers led by George Voll and Dan Boyd, friends since high school who enjoy automotive projects. Voll says he has been converting cars to diesel power for 20 years. The team notably has two sets of brothers, and two father/son pairs. Collectively, the team has experience in automotive engineering, military design, and business.

What they say will set them apart: Despite its lofty name, the Vincitore 1000 is a lowly Geo Metro that has had an engine transplant and is now running a three-cylinder, 950 CC industrial Daihatsu diesel with 38 horsepower. The team has also made some simple aerodynamic improvements to the Metro. The team cites simplicity being their key strength, with one engine and one fuel.

CR's take: In theory, converting a 50-mpg Metro to diesel power should net about a 30 percent improvement might get you near 100 mpg. But it was hard to see how this 20-year-old design, with a basic commercial engine would meet all the modern safety and emissions standards that X Prize contenders are required to meet.

Vehicle Name: Vincitore 1000
Class: Mainstream
No. of wheels: Four
Passengers: Four
Drive type: Biodiesel, front-wheel-drive

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