Consumer Reports covered the Automotive X Prize competition
American HyPower ZAMS
Team Name: American HyPower
Location: Centennial, Colorado
Vehicle: ZAMS
Status: Eliminated. Failure to meet minimum fuel economy requirement.

Who are they? The team is comprised of four entrepreneurs, one of which is an aerospace engineer, four electrical engineers, one PhD in chemistry and a designer. The team is either related by family ties or by long standing friendships.

What they say will set them apart: The car is a current production model which meets or exceeds all federal automobile safety requirements. The technology has been integrated into this vehicle without altering any aspect of the cars existing powertrain or safety features and the technology is adaptable to most other current and future production vehicles.

Class: Mainstream
No. of wheels: Four
Passengers: Five
Drive type: Front
Power source: ICE, 4 cylinder, 1.5 liter, hybrid electric

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