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Smart Hatchback

What is it? Smart announced that it is collaborating with Nissan on a new, small car for the U.S. market. As described, Smart USA has obtained "the rights to procure and distribute a five-door, gasoline powered, B-segment vehicle" from Nissan.

The Smart ForTwo was initially a hot-seller, reaching our market at time when gasoline prices were spiking. Its unique styling, diminutive size, and thrifty fuel economy gained instant appeal and recognition. However, as we found in our tests, there are many compromises involved in buying this tiny, two-seater.

Sure, the three-cylinder car returned 39 mpg in our testing, but it requires premium fuel, thereby offsetting potential pump savings. And the car is extremely slow, dragging itself 0-60 mph in 14.6 seconds. Handling is clumsy, the vehicle is easily jostled by large trucks on the highway, and it has the worst shift quality we've experienced. Reliability has been worse than average, and the ForTwo has the lowest overall test score in its class.

Collectively, we have thoughts for its price, there are much better five-door hatchbacks available that get excellent fuel economy. With this announcement, Smart is targeting a bigger, more American-scaled small car. The automaker had considered such a move previously with the ForFour, a four-door interpretation of the ForTwo styling package, though in a larger form. By working with Nissan, the U.S. arm will be able to rapidly get a more conventional five-door to market.

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