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Jaguar F-Type

What is it? When Jaguar launched its new high-end F-Type roadster last spring, the PR buzz made a link between it and the legendary E-Type of the early '60s, promising that the company would restore its old glory by offering a real high-performance sports car once again. Jaguar may have succeeded on the performance front, but the F-Type is a way different machine, in styling and execution, from any other Jaguar past or present.

Starting at $69,000, the base F-Type engine is a 340-hp, 3.0-liter V6. The range tops out with a 495-hp supercharged V8 and a $92,000 sticker. We’ve just spent a few days with one of those top-cat V8 S versions rented from Jaguar, and we can say that it’s fast, sure-footed and sings a sweet eight-cylinder song—loudly. For now, it only comes as a soft top convertible; a coupe will be introduced at the 2013 LA Auto Show.

CR’s take: While this newfangled Jaguar was created to chase Porsches and Corvettes, we can’t help wondering if its outrageous, bad-boy brashness will chase away well-heeled customers expecting the charm, grace, and mystique of a typical Jaguar. If that’s the case, a proper salesperson can direct them to an XK.

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