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Consumer Reports auto experts report from the 2013 New York Auto Show in NYC.
Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

What is it?  A few months after the redesigned Pathfinder hit dealerships, Nissan has unveiled the hybrid version. This version replaces the 3.5-liter V6 engine with a supercharged 2.5-liter engine and 15 kW electric motor. The hybrid uses a one motor, two clutch system to manage power between the gas engine and electric motor and produces 250 hp.

While many features and amenities are carried over from the gas version, the towing capacity with this drivetrain is only 3,500 pounds, 1,500 less than with the conventional engine. Pricing for the Hybrid is expected to be $3,000 more than the standard model. Three trim levels, SV, SL, and Platinum, are available.

What’s new or notable? Fuel economy is estimated to be 26 mpg combined—a gain of 5 mph and a range of over 526 miles.

CR’s take: In our tests of the gas version, we liked the easy access, spacious interior, and simple controls, but it felt slower, was boring to drive and lacked the ruggedness of the previous version.  The improved fuel economy of the hybrid will be attractive to buyers who are adverse to buying a minivan.

When will it be available? Summer 2013.

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