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Consumer Reports auto experts report from the 2012 LA Auto Show
BMW i3 Coupe

What is it? The concept shown in previous auto shows was a tall, almost minivan looking four-door that apparently didn't look sexy enough for a BMW. The new concept is a much sleeker three-door coupe-like hatch that was designed as an EV from the ground up and it’s rear-wheel-drive. At the heart of it is the same electric drive that currently powers the BMW Active E. It has a claimed range of 100 miles and it charges through a 7.7-kWh onboard charger. While BMW has been showing different body styles on the show circuits, insiders tell us that it will be offered as five-door when it reaches the market.

Unlike the Active E which is a lease only, you’d be able to buy the i3 by the end of 2013 likely for about $45,000 before the $7,500 tax break.

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