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Consumer Reports auto experts report from the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Lexus LF-LC

What is it? Lexus calls the LF-Lc a “styling exercise” for a new high-performance hybrid sport coupe. It looks similar to Lexus’s gas-powered LF-A supercar and marks the latest effort to make high-performance cars at least appear more fuel efficient.

What’s new or notable? Polished aluminum arching over the edge of the roof forms a cantilevered roof pillar, ending short of the rear deck. The resulting glass-to-glass bonding where the rear roof pillar would normally stand should result in better driver visibility. Meeting roof crush standards with such a design, though, would likely be a challenge.

CR’s take: Lexus has tried fusing hybrid efficiency with high performance before with its GS 450h sports sedan, as well as the CT 200h “sporty” hatchback. Generally, such efforts result in a car that is marginally more efficient than conventional sporty cars, and not much fun to drive. (Think: Honda CR-Z.) It would be interesting to see if the LF-Lc could break that mold – if Toyota decides to build it.

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