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Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon
What is it? The latest version of Mercedes' family mover offers everything the E-Class sedan does with a 6.5-ft. cargo bay and 70 cubic feet of storage. The standard rear-facing third row seat folds automatically in three steps, and even the second row folds at the touch of two levers. All E350 wagons for 2011 will have all-wheel-drive standard. A power tailgate and roof rails are also standard.

What's new or notable? Mercedes-Benz has added a number of new safety features to the next generation E-Class wagon. For all weather conditions, the vehicle will be equipped with standard all-wheel-drive and Mercedes claims an improvement in fuel economy, but estimates have not been announced yet.

The wagon will have a system that will alert the driver to the first signs of drowsiness. Between speeds of 50 and 112 mph, a steering sensor system will identify the steering corrections that drivers make when they get drowsy and will trigger an audible alert that says "Time for a Rest" and a coffee icon will appear on the dash.

Other safety features include lane assist, which alerts the driver if they are drifting out of the lane by simulating a rumble strip vibration, high-beam assist, which can transition headlights from high to low beam by using a video camera to sense front and rear lights, and night-view, which helps the driver recognize pedestrians, because they appear highlighted in the car's display.

Optional systems include blind spot assist with visual and audible warnings and park assist for help in parallel parking. In addition, the E-class has a safety brake system that has the capability to apply full brakes in emergencies when the vehicle senses an impending collision.

When will it be available? July 2010

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