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Chevrolet Camaro convertible
What is it? The Chevrolet Camaro expands its range with the addition of a convertible model. Adding the drop top will broaden its appeal and help the Camaro better compete with its arch-rival Ford Mustang.

To offset the lack of roof structure, the Camaro is fortified with a strut-tower brace, transmission reinforcement, underbody tunnel brace, and front and rear V-shaped braces. With these measures, Chevrolet says the suspension tuning remains quite similar to that of the coupe.

Rearward visibility is weakness with the Camaro, and the cloth-top does not appear to improve upon the coupe's limitations. At least rear parking assist is standard on all convertible models.

The convertible is offered in two V6 and two V8 trims, with pricing starting at $30,000 (with destination charges). There are nine exterior colors available, and the tops come in black and tan.

CR's take: The Camaro is a true muscle car, with the acceleration, looks, and sounds to appeal to car enthusiasts. Handling is very capable, but so-so steering response and feedback plus the Camaro's size and weight hurt its agility. We look forward to seeing if this new body style impacts the dynamics.

When will it be available? February 2011.

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