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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet
What is it? This soft-top convertible version of the new E-Class sedan seats four passengers and adds in a few new features to keep occupants warm and safe.

The Aircap system is a wind-deflector that pushes air up and over the car, to facilitate buffet-free motoring without the folding devices seen in most four-seat convertibles. The windshield header houses the deflector, which can be electronically extended by 2.4 inches. In addition, a small mesh deflector can be positioned between the head restraints for the rear seats. These two standard features reduce cabin turbulence to keep the cabin comfortable. They can be combined with the optional Airscraf heaters in the head restraints of the front seats. The Airscarf system in the E-Class has an adjustable angle to better direct air to tall and short passengers equally.

Rollover protection includes 1.4-inch diameter bars mounted behind the rear seats, which extend when sensors detect a rollover situation. The A-pillars have been reinforced, and reinforced "plug-in" B-pillars extend from the side skirts to complete the system.

The E-Class Cabriolet uses a fabric top, rather than a retractable hardtop like the SL and SLK convertibles. Mercedes-Benz claims the closed E-Class convertible has one of the quietest interiors among four-seat premium convertibles.

The E-Class Cabriolet will be available with both V6 (E350) and V8 (E550) engines.

What is new or notable? The Aircap can be activated at speeds up to 100 mph, and it can remain in use up to the cars top speed. The E-Class Cabriolet is the first Mercedes-Benz convertible to feature head airbags, which expand from the door panels.

When will it be available? May 2010

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