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Consumer Reports auto experts report from the 2010 Chicago Auto Show.
Kia Ray
What is it? The Kia Ray concept is a plug-in hybrid car that made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show. Built on the Kia Forte platform, this futuristic front-wheel-drive, four-passenger sedan is powered by a 153 horsepower 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a continuously variable transmission that is used in tandem with a 78 kilowatt electric motor. Kia said that the Ray could drive more than 50 miles on its electric motor alone and would have a total driving range of up to 746 miles. The company claims that this is the equivalent of 202 mpg.

What's new or notable? The concept vehicle's glass rooftop has solar cells embedded in it that help power lighting and climate systems. Kia has not indicated whether or not they will produce a vehicle based on this concept vehicle.

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